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GTW is the trusted leader in aftermarket golf cart parts and accessories for all major makes and models. With unmatched variety, offering everything in the industry from Lift Kits, Tires and Wheels, Seating and more, thousands of customers choose GTW to outfit their cart with quality products at unrivaled prices.

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Folding Windshield

Lift Kits

Rise up without breaking the bank! GTW Lift Kits are built-to-last, they're affordable too and feature:

  • Increased suspension travel
  • Allows for camber and tow adjustments
  • Pivot point grease fittings
  • Heavy-duty A-arm assemblies (*available on double a-arm style lift kits only)
  • Bolt on Installation - No cutting or welding, Comes with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware
  • Available models for most popular OEMs

GTW Lift Kit & Tire/Wheel Packages

Designed to handle the tough stuff, GTW combos feature several styles and finishes of 12" or 14" GTW wheel and tires to choose from, ready to take you down any path!

  • Available for most popular OEMs
  • Packages include a GTW lift kit and your choice of either an All-Terrain or Off-Road wheel and tire set
  • Wheels and tires will be precision mounted prior to shipping and include a set of chrome lug nuts
GTW Lift Kit
AS5 Certified Tires and Wheels

Tires & Wheels

GTW pushes golf cart customization to a whole new level by delivering a wide selection of innovated street designs and off-road styles for lifted and non-lifted golf carts, featuring:

  • Precision-mounting included - all tire and wheel packages are assembled for free before shipping to your door
  • Wheels from 10"-14" with finishes from matte to mirror and everything in between
  • Tires up to 25" with tread options from DOT street to aggressive off-road

Rear Seat Kits

Our line of GTW Seat Kits are customer favorites! Strong construction and a variety of options will have you adding passengers in no time!

  • All Mach1 models constructed with a steel frame
  • All Mach2 models constructed with aluminum frames which are light weight and will not rust
  • OEM color match contoured cushions with "NO ROT" polyethylene base
  • Our polyethylene base will never rot like other standard wooden cushion bases
  • Seat flips out to convert to a flatbed utility vehicle (Flatbed measures 32"L x 42"W)
  • High-strength molded polyethylene cargo bed with a diamond plate finish
  • High-gloss black powder coat finish with UV additive to resist fading
  • Replacement cushion sets available
  • Available for most popular OEMs
Rear Seat Kits
LED Off-Road Light Bars

LED Off-Road Light Bars

GTW Double Row LED Light Bars are designed for all popular gas and electric golf carts, complete with:

  • Accelerated Aging & vacuum tested
  • Includes mounting brackets, harness, and switch
  • Diecast aluminum housing
  • Rated Waterproof IP67
  • 6 sizes available from 3.8" up to 41.5"

Head & Tail Light Kits

Get your Buggy ready for the road with light kits by GTW!

  • LED Head Light & Taillight kits available for most popular OEMs
  • Ultimate kits include automotive-grade turn signal assembly with OEM housing, steering column cover, brake pad, switch and horn
  • Waterproof harness connectors
  • Cast heat sink for better cooling
  • Silver alloy solder instead of lead & tin for better conductivity
  • Operates 40 degrees cooler than traditional halogen lights
  • LED's have a 5,000 - 10,000-hour bulb life span
GTW Light Kits
Cargo Box

Cargo Boxes

Durable enough to carry heavy loads, GTW Cargo Boxes feature a fold-down tailgate with rattle-free rubber latches to help you handle the toughest task!

  • Available in your choice of 6-gauge black powder coated steel or diamond plate aluminum
  • Models for most popular OEMs and include OEM specific mounting brackets
  • Cargo Box Dimensions: 41" x 27" x 9"

Clays Baskets

GTW Clays Basket mounts to the front of your cart, so you still have room for a back seat or bag rack. A customer favorite!

  • Made of heavy-duty black powder coated, perforated steel
  • Includes OEM specific mounting brackets and requires no drilling to install
  • Available for most popular OEMs
Clay Basket
Inner Basket

Inner Storage Baskets

Great for work or play, GTW inner storage baskets are made of heavy steel mesh with a rubberized coating to improve durability, reduce noise and more!

  • Installs above the dash to add additional storage for easy-to-reach items
  • Includes OEM specific mounting brackets for a superior fit and finish
  • Available for most popular OEMs

Fender Flares

An easy way to add some style and protection to your Buggy, GTW Fender Flares offer:

  • Protection from debris
  • Perfect for lifted carts with oversized or offset wheels
  • Custom molded for a flawless fit
  • Constructed of ABS plastic with a matte black textured finish
  • Available for most popular OEMs
Fender Flares


GTW hitches are strong enough to take on the dirty work and help you haul what you need to get the job done.

  • Designed for carts without rear seats and work with all cargo boxes (*model available for carts with rear seat)
  • GTW hitches feature a 50lb tongue and 150lb tow capacity
  • Available for most popular OEMs

Steering Wheels

For a quick and easy way to add a touch of flair to your Buggy's interior, go with a GTW Steering Wheel!

  • Available in many styles and colors to match any paint job, seat cover or sports theme you have in mind
  • OEM specific adaptors available in a chrome or black finish
Steering Wheels
Wheel Covers

Wheel Covers

Cost-friendly and stylish, spice up your Buggy's appearance with a set of GTW Wheel Covers.

  • Add a slick visual appeal to most 8" and 10" steel golf cart wheels
  • Available in several styles and finishes from gloss black to chrome
  • Universal fit and easy to install with no tools


Say goodbye to blind spots and improve the safety of your cart with a GTW mirror.

  • Available in several styles from panoramic to side mounted
  • Universal fit and easy to install
  • All mirrors include mounting brackets and hardware