Club Car Engine Parts & Rebuild Components

At the core of your Club Car golf cart is the engine — driving you forward. Don't let failed engine parts slow you down and ruin your plans. At Buggies Unlimited, we stock only the best in Club Car replacement parts to ensure that whatever's on the agenda gets done.

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There’s dozens of engine parts in your Club Car that need to be maintained and cared for relating to your vehicle's engine, from air filters to head gaskets, spark plug caps, ignition coil assemblies and more. How you care for and replace them will make or break your cart's performance. At Buggies Unlimited, our aftermarket replacement golf cart engine parts for Club Cars are constructed with the same reliability as your OEM units. We provide air filters and ignition coils for several golf car applications.

Buggies Unlimited wants to make your experience great when you're swapping parts or entire engines. Follow step-by-step instructions for ease of installation, but should you require assistance during install, we're only a phone call away.