Light Kits and Accessories for Yamaha Golf Carts

Increase your Yamaha gas or electric golf cart’s safety and visibility with a lighting upgrade from Buggies Unlimited. Suppose you want to drive your cart at night or through the neighborhood. In that case, proper lighting is essential, and we carry a wide selection of premium light kits, accessories, voltage converters, and more to complete your installation.

Our GTW light kits for Yamaha G-series include driver and passenger side adjustable headlight assemblies, LED taillights, and a basic rocker switch. They also have the necessary wiring harness, mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions, so you can be sure your installation will be smooth.

Our GTW universal upgrade kit features all the extras to finish your lighting and safety upgrade, and includes a brake pad, turn signal indicator, column cover, horn, hazard switch, and control box. Whether you’re looking for new headlights for your G9 or getting your G29/Drive street legal, you’ll find the high-quality parts you need at Buggies Unlimited.

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