Wheels for Golf Carts

A quality set of aftermarket wheels and tires is very noticeable and absolutely essential to your golf cart's performance and longevity. The same goes for low-grade wheels and tires. Do your vehicle service and help ensure proper and enjoyable function for years to come with a custom set of offroad tires and wheels for your Yamaha, Club Car, or EZGO.

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Your buggy's rims can help express your style. The GTW 12x7 Vortex Wheel is now available in a Matte Black finish. It's constructed of solid cast aluminum for maximum strength and minimum weight. Let's not leave out the GTW Medusa wheel. It offers a sleek, classic look with an outstanding bead grip and load rating. These units pair up nicely with our premium line of customizable golf car tires and accessories. Speaking of…

Use our site to create your own aftermarket tire & wheel combo! You can build the tire & wheel assembly that's right for you! We provide some of the best traction tires and aesthetically pleasing wheels available to choose from. Simply select your favorite tire and favorite rim from the list provided online, paying only one low price!