• Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150
Buggies Unlimited - item 19-150

GTW Specter Matte Black Wheel - 12 Inch

$73.99 $119.95
You Save: $45.96
WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Product Details

Try GTW Specter Matte Black Wheels from Buggies Unlimited on for size if you're tired of the chrome scene. We understand that sentiment completely. We have seen golf carts that look more like semi-trucks because they were dripping in so much diamond plate. That is all well and good if you plan to use it as a disco ball. However, for those who use it for work or nature watching, the last thing we want is a reflective object to impede our line of sight. Not to mention the hunters who prefer things not to scare off the wildlife.

There is not a louder statement that you can make with your caddie than a new set of aftermarket rims. We know it's all about timing too. Your neighbor jumped the gun and replaced them right off the bat. As a matter of fact, you are pretty sure that was the first thing he did. You were smart about it, though, and planned it out to be the exclamation point on this long-time unfolding project. Like a perfectly timed downshift that lets a driver take the lead, this move will cement the true golf cart king of the block.

This is a product that is better installed by a professional. Putting the wheel on your golf cart is something you can handle, but getting the tire on the rim is a different story. If you order new ones at the same time, we will mount them for free. However, for a small fee, you can take them to a local shop.

Call Buggies Unlimited today for everything you need. Give us a ring as soon as you have a spare minute, and we can start the process of upgrading your golf cart. We will even set you up with a tune-up kit.

Looking for a new set of wheels to go with your new tires? Use our convenient tire and wheel builder! Just search TWA12.


  • 12x7 3:4 Offset GTW Specter Wheel
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Center Cap Included
  • *Lug Nuts Sold Separately
  • Please Note: Remember to order a complete set of 4
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