GTW Specter Matte Black Wheel - 10 Inch

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If you are tired of chrome, look no further than the GTW Specter Matte Black Wheel from Buggies Unlimited. We get it; it seems like everything, including semi-trucks, is dripping in the stuff nowadays. At first, it was what you did to stand out in a crowd. However, you cannot turn around without getting scared by your reflection on something. If you are tired of your appearance chasing you away from your own coach, maybe it's time for a different finish. All joking aside, these things are a brilliant way to retain the class and lose the sheen.

These golf cart wheels are a great addition to any build. It does not matter what stage of the project you have made it to either. These rims look good on anything from stock EZGO's to tricked-out Club Car's. The application of your caddie could not make a bit of difference either. These bad boys look good rolling up on a motorcycle club or a PTA meeting. Wherever you drive, they will ensure the people around you know who the president of your organization is. Even if it is not you, the golf cart accessories will surely make people think it is.

Installing the aftermarket rims on your golf cart is never a problem. As long as you have a jack and a four-way, you can get it done. However, getting the tire on the wheel is a different story. You need a unique set of equipment for this. Either take it to a local shop or let us mount it for you by ordering rubber at the same time.

Buggies Unlimited has everything golf cart-related that you may need to complete your shopping list. So give us a quick call today, and let us ship you out all the parts you need to finish your caddie build.

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  • 10x7 3:4 Offset GTW Specter Wheel
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Center Cap Included
  • *Lug Nuts Sold Separately
  • Please Note: Remember to order a complete set of 4

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