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EZGO Replacement Belts

It is no secret that the driveline and clutch system is the backbone of any golf cart's motion. Without it, movement is a no-go. Thus, one of the many reasons Buggies Unlimited keeps a massive supply of EZGO Belts. We've got a unit for every occasion.

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What some may not know is there is more than one belt for this caddie. It's common knowledge that a golf cart belt is used to "spin" gears or systems in a way that transfers communications to the appropriate assemblies. So if just one takes a dive, you can count on the whole kit-n-kaboodle following suit. Hence, why you'll find a wide selection of EZGO drive belts at Buggies Unlimited.

One of those said units is the EZGO starter generator belt. Boy, that sounds like a lot, right? However, this particular EZGO part is straightforward in its job description. First, the golf cart starter generator belt gets the engine going. Next, it recharges the battery while at high RPMs, which is how it got its name in the first place.

Up next, the EZGO drive belt. Most people grasp the concept of a golf cart drive belt as it's a high-wear item that generally needs to be replaced after so many miles. This unit assists in transferring power from the engine to the transmission. In other words, it tells the buggy to go. If you are experiencing slippage or different belt variations, it's time to swap the old out with a new one.

Our final EZGO belt in our supply of golf cart parts is the driven clutch belt. This component works much like a CVT belt, transferring power between pullies. In addition, these golf cart drive belts can take a lot of heat. Thus, why you may consider investing in the EZGO TXT severe-duty driven clutch belt.

With all the options available, giving us a call may ditch the stress factor of purchasing the correct EZGO replacement belt. We have technical support staff who are experts in the field and can even help with installment.