Golf Cart Tires for 8 inch Wheels

Most golf carts come from the factory with industry-standard 8-inch tires installed. At Buggies Unlimited, we carry a wide selection of 8-inch replacement tires for your Club Car, Yamaha, or E-Z-GO golf cart.

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All of our aftermarket tires are quality tested for strength and durability as well as traction. Choosing the right tread and lug pattern is an important decision that depends on how you use your cart. Turf or street style tires are typically thinner and lighter, specifically designed to be gentle on the grass while providing superior traction. Are you planning on driving off the fairway? Lug or knobby style carcass dynamics have deeper treads that offer extra grip to power through sand, mud, and rocky trails. If you use your cart often and drive on various terrains, then all-terrain tires might be right for you. They offer the greatest versatility of application, providing reliable traction, safety, and comfort both on and off-road.

Whether you are cruising the country club, going off-road, or traveling to the local post office, Buggies Unlimited has a tire design that will meet your terrain demands.