Duro Sawtooth Street Tire - 18x6.50x8

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The Duro Sawtooth Street Tire from Buggies Unlimited is how the pros replace a tire for the golf course. There is hardly a better choice for a rubber that can effortlessly transition from turf to pavement. A lot of customers do not consider the latter. We understand completely. The last thing you think about when it comes time to golf is the cart path. You cannot leave that box unchecked. You spend more time there than you do on the grass. Not to mention the trip to and from the course itself.

When it comes time to choose a golf cart tire, you have several things to weigh when making that decision. The first thing that everyone should consider is the terrain you will use it on. We know it is tempting to get big, aggressive treads to make your golf cart look as mean as possible. However, if you use it on a course, you may upset a few people. As a matter of fact, trenching the first fairway is an excellent way to ruin a starers day. So choose these as your replacement set of carcass and make everyone as happy as a lark.

Installing a tire and wheel assembly on your caddie is not a hard prospect at all. You will need a four-way and a jack, maybe a few stands and a friend, and you are good to go. However, if you need the rubber put on the rim, you are in for a different story. There is a unique set of equipment that only professional shops will have. They will charge you a small fee, or you could order aluminum simultaneously, and we will do it for free. Whatever works for you, we will be happy to accommodate it. Call us now to get your golf cart parts and accessories sent.

Tread Classification:

  • Street / Golf Course

Tire Specifications:

  • 18x6.5-8 4-Ply
  • Duro Sawtooth
  • No Lift Kit Required
  • Please note that this does not include the wheel

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