Differential & Transmission Parts for E-Z-GO Golf Carts

The differential and transmission are vital to your E-Z-GO cart's smooth function. The differential transmits torque to the golf cart wheels and allows them to turn at different speeds, especially on turns and curves. Transmissions use internal oil pressure to change gears and efficiently transfer engine power to the driveshaft and rear axle.

Maintaining your gears and differential is essential to your cart's performance and longevity. Buggies Unlimited stocks aftermarket plugs, rings, seals, and gaskets to keep your E-Z-GO's transmission running in peak condition. We've also got an extensive selection of differential components to keep your driveline operating like new. Do you need more torque? Upgrade your E-Z-GO with Buggies Unlimited's own Limited Slip Differential Traction Control System. It distributes engine power to both rear wheels instead of just one, so you can navigate muddy terrain, hills, and wet grass easily with increased traction and gripping power. Our traction control system bolts on with no modifications required, so installation is easy.

If maintaining and upgrading are what you're after, Buggies Unlimited has the golf cart parts and accessories to do it. With our line of products, you get OEM fitment with aftermarket reliability.

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