Harness Adaptor - 2007-16 Yamaha G29 | Drive

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Have you ever tried to take your kids to the opera, and they drug their feet the whole way. Reminds us of a caddie missing its Yamaha Harness Adaptor for G29s and Drives? If this product is damaged or missing, it will lock your golf cart into a low-speed safety mode of about three to five miles per hour. It will feel like it should accelerate normally, but it will immediately drop back into that reduced speed mode.

Just like when you tell your children, it's time to go and to load up on the buggy. They spring up and maybe even run a few steps before they remember where they are going. While we can't explanation forcing culture upon the next generation, we can explain why you need this item. The motor had to be able to communicate its RPM back to the controller. This regulates the power flow all around the cart. If this does not happen, the brain of your Yamaha assumes that something is wrong and makes you "limp" home. Even if there is no problem other than a nicked wire on this sensor.

You can install this golf cart harness adaptor easily on the end of your motor. It has a cable that runs back upfront to a harness that plugs into the controller. All of these Yamaha parts are available if you need them. Additionally, if you are not sure what is causing the problem but you have an idea, call and talk to one of our experts in our tech support department. They have the experience to help you troubleshoot and figure out precisely what you need to buy, saving you tons of money. Call Buggies Unlimited and order today.


  • Yamaha Harness Adapter for G29/DRIVE
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