Club Car Speed Enhancements - Electric for Golf Carts.

High-speed golf cart gear sets, replacement motors, and premium controllers are some of the many components that we carry here at Buggies Unlimited to help make the speed enhancements to your Club Car that you need. Top-quality upgrade and replacement components can help expand your workload and speed capabilities, taking your electric vehicle's performance to another level!

Our high torque motor and controller conversion system for Club Car DS Regen I & II is for lifted carts with up to 25-inch tires and can reach speeds of up to 22 MPH. We also have listed a Club Car Transport-Utility Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller Kit that will fit model years 2006 and up. These are just a couple out of the many golf cart high-performance parts Buggies Unlimited keeps on hand.

For more information or questions, be sure to give one of our techs a call. If not, browse around and find the parts you need to build your machine into what you want it to be.

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