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Universal Amber Reflector

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Being seen is a significant safety concern for golf carts. The Amber Reflector helps a lot. It's funny how the human mind works sometimes. When we are out on the road in our cars, our brains tell us to look out for other vehicles and pedestrians. Motorcycles even will sneak right up on you without you noticing despite the loud mufflers. How many "look twice for motorcycles" bumper stickers have you seen? A bunch, we bet. How many have you seen that say watch out for golf cars? Maybe a few if you live here in Florida, but not many, if any at all.

With perception the way it is, your best bet is to shine like the face of the sun, so you get noticed. You do not have a loud engine to rely on as the motorcycles do. Golf car amber quick mount, self-adhesive reflectors are a great way to be seen and stay safe; get yours at Buggies Unlimited today and save.

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