12-48 Volt Amber Strobe Light

  • Buggies Unlimited - item 28134
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 28134
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 28134
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 28134
Buggies Unlimited - item 28134
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Product Details

The Multi-Volt Amber Strobe Light from Buggies Unlimited is the security guard's best friend. Most people do not realize the function of a force like this. The best way to deter crime is to be visible. Hiding is the last thing on their minds. They don't want to catch a criminal in the act; that means a ton of paperwork! But, if they can prevent the action from happening at all, they have accomplished their mission. Putting a mobile beacon out there that everyone can see is your best bet in keeping things on an even keel.

Being available to your customers to assist them when they need it is a big part of customer service. If they cannot find your employees, you are dead in the water. It is only a matter of time before they leave frustrated. These golf cart multi-volt amber strobe lights work on gas-powered caddies that run a twelve-volt battery. They also work for 36 or 48-volt electric caddies. You do not need a converter. This bad boy boasts 80 flashes per minute. With more than one per second, you are sure to be spotted.

The installation of one of these strobe lights is not complex at all. It will come with instructions, and we will also include the hardware. A trip to the store is the last thing you want or need to do right in the middle of an installation. We have been in your shoes when it comes to this situation, and that's why we try to include it with everything we carry.

Buggies Unlimited is the biggest and the best when it comes to getting your golf cart parts installed at the lowest rate. You cannot beat free when you get the tools you need to do it yourself. So call today and get set up right.


  • Works on 12-Volt gas and 36/48V electric golf carts
  • Measures 3-4/5" x 3-4/5"
  • 80 FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
  • Hardware included

Tech Tip:

  • All electrical accessories such as Headlight & Taillight kits, fans, & Audio equipment operate on a 12 volt input
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter
  • Voltage converters will take the entire 36/48-volt battery pack and drop the voltage down to the operational 12 volts
  • Only wiring a couple of batteries out of the battery pack to achieve that 12 volts will result in damage to those batteries and shortening the life of the pack
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter:
    • For Single Accessory: 13-084 (*sold separately)
    • For Multiple Accessory: 13-030 / 13-034 (*sold separately)
Note: Please read our Installation Procedures for Electric Accessories before beginning any electrical work!
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