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2021 Club Car Carryall 510 Electric - AC Power Harness

CLub Car (OEM)
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The Club Car Carryall 510 AC Power Harness at Buggies Unlimited is the bad boy of the golf cart. You have several harnesses, but this one carries the vital signal to make the caddie runs. There are all kinds of signals you must send before taking off. For example, suppose the controller does not get power from the key, forward switch, tow toggle, pedal, and several other things. In that case, the solenoid will not even click. We all know how vital that relay is, and this harness carries the signal that makes it all happen.

It can be scary to move things around under the seat, then have a spark jump out at you. Often, it is because the golf cart AC power harness has melted partially. This loom carries mostly positive signals, but not all, and all it takes is a bare wire touching the frame. Even if it's a negative, it will throw your controller into a tailspin and prevent the caddie from running altogether. On the older buggies, customers would make the mistake of grounding the frame, and then the cart would take off at full speed.

Installing this item is not a job to try and tackle by yourself. We can get you a Club Car OEM manual that will help walk you through the mounting and hook up. Call a friend to help, and it should not take any more than an afternoon. Then, order some take-out and have a repair party in the driveway.

Buggies Unlimited has everything you need to get the job done. We do not care if you are upgrading or performing repair work; we have your back. If you cannot find it on the web, call one of our experts. They will be happy to set you up with the golf cart parts and accessories you need.


  • Fits Electric Club Car Models:
    • Carryall 510
  • OEM Club Car Carryall 510 AC Power Harness
  • Club Car OEM #103964201
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