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GTW Steel White Centered Wheel with 5 Hole Bolt Pattern - 8 Inch

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If you are in the market for a Buggies Unlimited Steel Wheel with a five Hole Bolt Pattern, chances are you have been searching for a while. These are a rare bird for sure; most golf carts use a four-on-four bolt pattern. Only the heavy-duty utility lines utilize this setup. This is because of the increased torque and heavy loads you need to pull. If you have a caddie of this magnitude, chances are you are not riding the links with it. The increased strain of the environment you use it in is alone enough to warrant this upgrade.

We use our carriages for everything these days. They are more efficient than a truck, and they can fit into smaller places. Even the more extensive lines for utility purposes are just vessels of convenience. We understand the temptation to use it whenever you can. We have even seen customers go as far as hauling them to a worksite on a trailer, unloading, and then hooking the same trailer to their caddie for debris removal. Work smarter, not harder, is what these guys must have lived by. If your utility cart goes down, get replacement five-hole wheels coming today.

We understand the drive to want to complete things yourself. However, the golf cart parts come in the mail, and you cannot wait to charge out in the garage and make it happen. Well, not this time. Unless you order tires simultaneously and allow us to mount them for free, you will be making a trip to the local rubber shop for mounting.

Buggies Unlimited has a wide variety of parts, five-hole steel wheels included. The point is, when you call, ensure you get everything for your golf cart. We have everything your dealer has and a lot more they don't. So contact us now and get a great deal.


  • 8x7" Centered (NO Offset) Steel Wheel
  • White Finish
  • 5-Hole Lug Pattern
  • *Note: Don't forget to order a complete set of 4
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