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1985-01 Yamaha G2-G8-G9-G11-G14 - Carburetor Gasket

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The carburetor on your cart is an air and fuel mixing machine. This is the first point on the caddie where the air and fuel are purposely mixed. They have been kept separate until this point to allow the fuel pump to draw and push the fuel up the carb using the pressure created by the crankcase. Once it gets up to the carb, though, we have to take the liquid and turn it into a fine mist and mix it with air so the spark plug in the cylinder can ignite it. If the air coming in is too plentiful, then the rest of the system cannot do its job correctly. This is why parts like the Yamaha Carburetor Gasket are so important.

Say you have a tiny crack or maybe just a little chunk missing. You might think you can get by with that, or perhaps a little silicone will do the trick, but those are all temporary fixes. Call Buggies Unlimited, and let's do it right. Get a golf cart carburetor gasket shipped out straight away.


  • Carburetor base gasket
  • Fits Yamaha G2, G8, G9, G11 & G14
  • Replaces Yamaha OEM Number(s): J38-13557-01
Note: Gaskets are sold individually.
1993-2001 G11 - Gas, 1995-1996 G14 - Gas, 1985-1991 G2 - Gas, 1990-1994 G8 - Gas, 1991-1995 G9 - Gas

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