DOT Approved Excel A-T Sahara Classic Tire - 22x11x8

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The Department of Transportation will not have anything to say to you after you get the Excel Sahara Classic Tires installed. These babies are DOT approved! The longer the carriages are on the road, the more regulations they come under. First, it was "you must have a windshield." Now it seems like they are trying to make every part down to the last wire a requirement. We cannot keep up! Make sure you take a trip down to your local DMV and get the complete list of requirements. The last thing you need is a ticket over negligence.

There is not a terrain that these Excel Sahara classic tires from Buggies Unlimited cannot handle. As a matter of fact, we have seen our customers use them everywhere, from the beaches to the backwoods and everywhere in-between. So if you are planning a trip, ensure your golf cart can handle it. Call us and upgrade to these bad boys. Just remember, you are using your OEM wheels. This still means you need to put a lift kit on the golf cart. Give one of our experts a call and find out which one will work for you.

Installing golf cart tires is a job for professionals. You would not attempt to mount a car tire in your driveway. By the same token, we do not recommend doing it on your caddie either. There are all kinds of tools and a laundry list of equipment you will need to take the old one off and remount its replacement.

If you order a set of aftermarket wheels simultaneously, we will mount them for free and send them to you, aired up and ready to go on your golf cart. Either that or take them to a local tire shop. About ten dollars per tire and wheel mount is what you can expect. So call us today and place your order here at Buggies Unlimited.

Tread Classification:

  • All Terrain

Tire Specifications:

  • 22x11-8 4-Ply
  • Excel 8" All-Terrain Sahara Classic
  • DOT approved
  • Lift Kit Required
  • Please note that this does not include the wheel

Looking for a new set of wheels to go with your new tires? Use our convenient tire and wheel builder! Just search TWA8.

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