1979-07 Yamaha 4-Cycle - Drive Clutch

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Have you ever put three or four marbles in a coffee can and shook it for all you were worth? Do you hear that same noise as you drive your Yamaha down the road? Just an FYI, that's not a good sound. We here at Buggies Unlimited know it could be several things, but more than likely, we are looking at a slung weight in your OEM 4-Cycle Drive Clutch. Call Buggies Unlimited and talk to an expert first and make sure an aftermarket pully will get you back on the road.

This is a bolt-on replacement to the OEM clutch; it looks identical, except for the color of the outer shield. This unit comes with a hold-down bolt for installation. However, you will need to order the puller bolt separately. One of our fine salespeople would be happy to assist you in finding the proper one. This clutch is concerned, though; it works for all four-cycle golf cart models. Call Buggies Unlimited and order one quickly.


  • Drive Clutch
  • Fits 1979-07 Yamaha 4-cycle
1979-1989 G1 - Gas, 1993-2001 G11 - Gas, 1995-1996 G14 - Gas, 1996-2002 G16 - Gas, 1985-1991 G2 - Gas, 2000-2002 G20 - Gas, 2001-2004 G21 - Gas, 2003-2007 G22 - Gas, 1986-1986 G3 - Gas, 1990-1995 G5 - Gas, 1990-1994 G8 - Gas, 1991-1995 G9 - Gas

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