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10-Amp 6v Metric Fuse - 2007-16 Yamaha G29/Drive

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The Yamaha 10-Amp 6-Volt Metric Fuse is one of those golf cart hard parts that have to get constantly swapped out. Any fuse, for that matter, is in place to blow out so that other components are protected from a high surge of amperage. This is why fuses are rated in amps. Whatever accessory they are, protection can only take a given amount of amperage at one time. The replacement fuse is chosen based on that info so that if too many amps travel down the line at one time, pop goes the weasel, and you need a new fuse. Trust us that is way better than buying a light kit or radio. You can get fuses at the gas station. Probably not a light kit for your Yamaha, however.

This 10 amp metric size fuse is used on many different golf carts, but the one it is most common for is Yamaha. Do not let that discourage you; if it looks right, chances are it is. Just in case, though, the measurements are one 1/4-inch wide by 1/4-inch high.


10 amp metric size fuse.
  • Measurements: 1 1/4" W x 1/4" H

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