Over The Top Driving Enclosures for Yamaha golf carts

Our three-sided, Yamaha over-the-top enclosures are designed with you in mind. Enjoy convenient, year-round, on-the-go protection with premium golf cart parts and accessories from Buggies Unlimited.

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Aftermarket slip-over enclosures are easy to install and fit on carts with or without rear seats or cargo boxes. Their simple design allows you to quickly adapt when inclement weather strikes, so whether you need a cool breeze on a hot summer day or shelter from a sudden downpour, you’re prepared for anything. Roll down the sides and stay warm and dry inside your vehicle or roll them up on those perfect 70-degree days.

Give your Yamaha the year-round protection it needs with an easy-to-install slip-over enclosure from Buggies Unlimited. We carry options to fit any model of Yamaha cart, so whether you’re looking for a linen Sunbrella enclosure for your G14 or the classic look of marine-grade vinyl for your G2, you’ll find the top-quality cab enclosure to fit your specific needs.