EZGO Electric Motor Replacements

You didn't get your caddie to sit in a garage broke down. On the other hand, maybe you have a function carriage, but it doesn't have the performance value you'd prefer. In either case, Buggies Unlimited has what you need to keep your golf cart running like a champ. It's all found in our category of EZGO Electric Motors.

Most people understand the function behind a golf cart motor. The electric units are different than a gas-powered vehicles. However, the concept is mostly the same. It's the brains of the operations. Once you start the cart, the EZGO motor kicks into gear to let the rest of the golf cart parts move.

Our category of golf cart motors includes direct replacements, or you can upgrade with something with more speed. For example, let's say you use your carriage for more than hitting the links. In that case, you may want to opt for an EZGO PDS Plus High-Speed Advanced Electric Motor.

In addition to replacement and high-speed EZGO motors, we also have golf cart shunt motors in our cache. A shunt motor is a system where the engine and the field are separate from one another. In fact, you can tell the difference between the two easily enough. All you have to do is take a peek under the seat. Is there a tow or run switch? If you do, it's a shunt system.

Buggies Unlimited is determined to keep your caddie in top-notch condition. Hence, why we have multiple options according to your individual demands. What's more, we have a nationwide network of warehouses that make shipping quick and efficient. Plus, a well-rounded group of experts, ready to help you get your golf cart where you want it to be.

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