Columbia / ParCar Golf Cart Parts

Columbia / ParCar Gas and Electric Golf Cart Key Switches & Keys

The first step in going on a club cruise or hitting the course in your electric or gas-powered golf cart is that all-important key that begins your vehicle's functionality. A lost key can put a damper on your plans, and it can be easy to lose. Don't worry. Buggies Unlimited has thought of everything, even replacing your Columbia and Harley Golf Cart Key.

You might wonder if all golf cart keys are universal, and that is a fair question. It's true; some keys can be switched out with another key from a like model. These components for vehicles from the same manufacturer may often be exchanged and function properly with a key from an entirely different buggy. The age, model, and manufacturer are all compatibility considerations.

At Buggies Unlimited, we carry several replacement keys for electric and gas-powered carts from Hyundai, Columbia, and Harley Davidson. Make sure when purchasing a replacement key for your cart that you only buy quality components. Our OEM and aftermarket replacement parts have been developed to meet or even exceed the manufacturer's original equipment specifications.

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