Horns for Golf Carts

Adding a top-quality horn to your golf cart can greatly increase your safety both on and off the course. Horns are required by many subdivisions and are necessary to meet street legalization standards, being included in most golf car road-ready kits. Whether you need to get another driver’s attention or simply want to toot your own horn, you can find the parts you need at Buggies Unlimited!

Shop our wide selection of golf car horns and horn kits for both gas and electric vehicles. We stock universal options that work with 36 to 48-volt carts without the need for a voltage converter or reducer, as well as 12-volt options for Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Cars. Do you need to replace a horn that no longer works? We carry OEM replacement horns that conform to the manufacturer’s original equipment specifications.

Personalize the look of your cart with a variety of buttons, switches, and decals to complete your installation. Increase your vehicle’s presence by adding a premium horn from Buggies Unlimited.

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