Golf Cart Heaters and Fans

Whether you drive your carriage exclusively on the golf course or you take your RXV off-roading, you rely on your caddie year-round. Adding Golf Cart Heaters or Fans to your vehicle gives you the flexibility to take your cart out in less than perfect weather conditions and still enjoy a comfortable ride.

Buggies Unlimited stocks propane or electric heaters and fans. Each unit includes mounting brackets and the hardware you need to complete your installation. Suppose adding a heater isn't necessary. In that case, a golf cart heated blanket should do the trick. This cover is a massive 42-inch by 58-inch blanket made of polar fleece. Talk about a cozy ride!

Just as keeping warm is necessary for the winter, staying cool is the name of the game in the summer. Buggies Unlimited also dons a wide selection of golf cart fans to ward off the heat. Choose from overhead and oscillating fan options for relief on hot and humid days.

Maybe you're after more than just a light airing out with a fan. In that case, we've got an accessory you can't refuse! The Breezeasy 3 Fan System with a Converter is a fan fave for electric cart owners. This unit is more like a golf cart air conditioner kit, taking "chilling out" to a whole new level.

A typical round of golf can last four to five hours. So, a sudden temperature change can make that round seem to last forever. Investing in a high-quality golf car heater or fan means you don't have to let the weather determine your day. We like to call this purchase a dedication to the game we love.

Whatever the weather, you can always rely on our top-quality parts to keep you comfortable in your cart. Buggies Unlimited is your friend in the industry. Be sure to call a rep today to get set up with great prices and installation tips. Did we mention we have free shipping on several items?

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