Style Accessories

Before you begin any major adventures in your cart, you need the right equipment. Buggies Unlimited can get you customized and ready to ride! It's as easy as browsing our storefront for golf cart Style Accessories. In this setup, you'll find everything you need to get comfort and aesthetic gains, along with adding a layer of protection to your asset. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

We know a cart is more than just a mode of transportation. It's a lifestyle, a representation of who you are. And that's why we have an entire section devoted just to those who want to decorate their cart as a means of self-expression. While adding comfort and protection benefits. For example, suppose you've noticed your interior looks drab and ordinary. In that case, invest in golf cart dash kits and other interior accessories like switch panels. You could even invest in a whole new woodgrain dash kit. On the other hand, imagine what a shiny, fresh-off-the-press RedDot seat cover will do for your style points. We can almost guarantee you'll find a color option catered to your aesthetic tastes.

It doesn't end there, friends. With golf cart brush guards, bumpers, hub caps, wheel covers, and in-dash accessories and decals, we're certain you'll find the cart enhancement you're looking for. In addition to beefing up the vehicle's appearance, you'll inherit a slew of perks from front and rear-end protection to improved handling. As a matter of fact, imagine hitting the country club with a caddie dressed to the nines in chrome enhancements or diamond plate floorboards. There won't be a person in the neighborhood that can one-up your ride at that point.

Who wouldn't want to add custom flair to their carriage? After all, it's your cart. So give it a tough meaner appearance. Make your buddies jealous; make your golf cart stand out. Do what you've gotta do, and Buggies Unlimited will help you do it. Whether you're rocking an EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha, we've got the style accessories you need for the ride you want.

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