GTW Steel White Centered Wheel - 10 Inch

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When we say that the Universal White Steel Wheel from Buggies Unlimited is suitable for all caddies, we were not kidding. Now, sure, there are some utility carts and a few rare models that use a five-lug pattern. But for the most part, four-on-four dominated the industry. If you have a Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha, and a golf cart model, chances are this will work. Now, if you have something weird like a Zone or a Star Car, you should trade it in. However, if you haven't crossed that bridge yet, call and talk to an expert first.

There is just something magical about a new set of golf cart wheels. We are not sure why, but it will take ten years off when you throw a new group on your carriage. Things just look so much fresher when they are shiny and spotless. It won't take long to scuff them up, and then all you will need is a little soap and water to make them look fantastic again. Just add them to your list of seasonal maintenance checkups. While you are down there adding air, take a magic eraser to it and keep it like new.

The installation of a tire to a wheel is not something you should try at home. If you order a set from us, we will mount them free. Either that or take them to your local shop. They can do it for a small fee. We would be happy to have them ready to go out of the box if you see a rubber you like.

Buggies Unlimited has a state-of-the-art aftermarket tire and wheel department. We mount and ship thousands of assemblies a day. So call us and let our experts give your kits the TLC they need before shipping out.


  • 10x6" Centered (No Offset) Steel Wheel
  • White Finish
  • Please Note: Remember to order a complete set of 4

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