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When you lift your golf cart, there are several things to consider. How high do you want to go, what kind of tires, which wheels will work the best, and the list goes on? One thing that most customers do not consider is the width of their wheelbase. Trust us; this is something you will want to make sure you had covered before you take that first lifted trip around the block. Remember, when you go up, you have to go out; if you do not, things will get a little tippy. That's why we carry wheels like the 10x7 Black Steel Wheel with 3:4 offset.

The offset refers to the location of the lug holes in relation to the center of the rim. These are seven-inch wide golf cart wheels. If they were centered, the offset would be zero but would measure 3.5 by 3.5. So with a three by four offset, your wheelbase gets wider because the hub takes up less of the wheel. Call Buggies Unlimited and get four black steel wheels ordered today.


  • 10x7" 3:4 Offset Steel Wheel
  • Black Finish
  • *Note:Don't forget to order a complete set of 4
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