1991-EZGO 295cc Engine 4-Cycle - Standard Piston Ring Set

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The EZGO 4-Cycle 295cc Standard Ring Set is one of those parts that will wear out over time no matter what you do. Luckily, it is effortless to tell when you start to have an issue in this neighborhood. Your rings install around the top of the piston and close the gap between the cylinder wall. The piston constantly rides up and down inside the cylinder, and this motion causes natural wear to the rings. Once the gap gets large enough, unburnt fuel can make it by the rings and into the exhaust. It does not take a lot.

Once that happens enough, you will think the county came out and dubbed you the mosquito control man. You will be pouring white smoke out of your tailpipe, but this can start slowly depending on how quickly it wears. Things will begin to show up once the tolerance gets past a specific point. The smoke is one of the easiest ways to tell. It will get to the point where that is all it does. There is no point in having a paperweight that pollutes the neighborhood. Stay ahead of things like this by calling us for a great deal today.

This is a standard-size golf cart ring set. If you need an oversize like a 25 or 50 over, we can help out there too. This will only work on the 295cc engines, but if you have a 350cc, just call an expert at Buggies Unlimited, and they will set you upright.


  • Standard size ring set
  • Fits EZGO 295cc engines ONLY
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): 26608-G01
  • Larger bore also available: #4574 .25MM / #4575 .50MM

Please Note: Does not work with 1982 Yamaha G1 2-cycle gas models.

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