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Curtis Universal Throttle Micro Switch

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Switches do everything on your golf cart. Well, ok, not everything, but they pretty much activate every electrical component on the golf cart. Let us walk you through an example. When you get on the vehicle and hit the gas pedal, the cart springs to life and takes off, hopefully. But to make that happen, several switches are relaying a signal. The activation circuit on any golf cart consists of at least three relays. The key, for one, a forward and reverse microswitch and an accelerator pedal microswitch like the Curtis Throttle Micro-Switch we have here.

These have to have the full battery back voltage routed through them to get the necessary voltage to the solenoid to activate it. This particular switch is found on the Curtis pot-box-style potentiometers. It is universal due to its open and close style function, so as long as you can make the bolt holes line up and get it to activate when it's supposed to, this will work great. Call Buggies Unlimited and relay to them what you need.

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