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.75 Inch Hex Chrome Long Lug Nut - .50in x 1.88in

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The Long Hex Chrome Lug Nut from Buggies Unlimited is where style meets function. This is the point that most people try to find but usually end up too far on one side or the other. Some builds intentionally go this way, like hunting golf carts or something explicitly made for a parade. But, for the rest of us that need something, we can rely on while looking good at the same time, we need to find that middle ground. We want to take it to the woods and the PTA meeting, not one or the other.

We get a constant complaint about finding the proper socket to work for our higher-end wheels. Of course, you do not have any lug wells to deal with on a steel rim. But, the overall size of the tool you use does not matter. However, you need a low-profile socket on aluminum wheels to tighten the stock nuts back down. Unless you want to damage the wheels in the process. These long hex chrome lug nuts from Buggies Unlimited will allow you to tighten them fully without having to purpose buy a tool for one job. Do it right the first time.

The installation of these aftermarket golf cart lug nuts is effortless. You will not even have to jack up the cart if you are swapping these items and not the tire and wheels. You want to make sure you call a buddy to help. The last thing you want is a caddie in your lap. They are heavier as all get out.

Buggies Unlimited does not limit itself to accessories like these golf cart hardware parts. As a matter of fact, we are the largest supplier of hard parts in the industry. So call us today for a great deal.


  • Chrome Lug Nut in Standard Thread Pitch
  • 3/4" Hex
  • 1/2” x 1.88 L
  • 4 Pack – *Remember to order qty 4 for a full set
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