GTW Predator A-T Tires - 20x10x10

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Go anywhere you need to with a GTW Predator All-Terrain Tire from Buggies Unlimited. There are not a lot of places that are off-limits when you have the tread you need to get where you are going. Places like the golf course and the garden club will probably not appreciate you doing doughnuts with those bad boys installed. Time and place, right?

Hunters love this tread because we do not leave much on the cutting board. But, just like a good N.Y. strip, you cannot trim all the fat off and expect the same result. We leave a lot of meat on the bone, so to speak when it comes to this set of treads. The leaner choice is not what you need when you rely on the grip to pull you through. Getting out to your stand should not be a chore. Make it easy with the proper understanding.

Even if you cruise the neighborhoods and nothing else, this tire is not going to leave you wanting. We get it; you like an aggressive-looking carriage. We could care less what you use it for, as long as you are happy with how it appears. So tell us in the comments below what the purpose of your caddie is. We would love to hear what our customers have come up with.

These golf cart tires are better left to a professional to install. Of course, that goes for any tire more prominent than a bicycle. The Youtube videos make it look easy, but it is not worth burning the hair off your arms. Trust us; we speak from experience. The best way to handle this predicament is to order wheels from Buggies Unlimited. At the same time, you get the GTW Predator all-terrain tires. We will mount them for free. So give us a call today and get them rolling.

Tread Classification:

  • All-Terrain / Off-Road

Tire Specifications:

  • 20x10-10 4-Ply
  • Lift kit required
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