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Curtis 48v Battery Meter

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After hours, getting stuck in a store can be almost as much of a hassle as not having a Curtis 48-Volt Battery Meter. Sooner or later, your batteries are going to deplete. When this happens, you will be just as stuck as when you got locked inside the Dillards. Although, when that happened, at least you had a climate-controlled spot to hang out. Without telling how much power you have left, you could wind up sitting in the heat of the night or the bitter cold waiting on a ride. Better safe than sorry is the motto we should all live by.

We all like to take advantage of a sale, especially when we need a battery meter for our caddie. The great thing about shopping with us is that we constantly have the lowest prices and throw a weekly deal out for our customers to take advantage of. Sometimes it's the free shipping; other times, it's a discount on a specific product. Every once in a while, we will drop a 10 percent off of everything deal. With benefits like this, it's hard not to add things to the list. Get everything you need and don't pay a penny more than you need to.

This golf cart meter could not be easier to hook up. However, you do need an understanding of how the series of batteries wires up and works. There are between four and six batteries under your seat; the first one has its positive terminal wired to the solenoid. The last one has its negative directly wired to the b- of the controller. All of the batteries in between get daisy-chained together. This allows you to have a 48 volt or higher output, which this unit needs to operate. Get one coming from Buggies Unlimited today.


  • 48-Volt Vertical Digital State of Charge Meter
  • Battery "Fuel Gauge" indicates state-of-charge in 10-bar LED display
  • Solid-state, easy to install includes mounting hardware; 1-7/8 inch long, 1 inch wide, ideal for golf cars. Shows state of charge on a vertical face
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