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Club Car-EZGO-Yamaha - Sealed Ball Bearing

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This Sealed Ball Bearing is used on Club Cars, EZGOs, and Yamahas. It is either applied on the golf cart rear axle or the front wheel. What this means is that when it goes faulty, it is going to be expensive to replace. The bearing itself is cheap, but you will have increased tire wear because this problem will cause the camber to be off. Plus, up front, it's going to damage the hub. It could even snap the axle in the rear.

What we are getting at is, when you start to hear that unmistakable grinding sound, replace it right then. Do not put it off and end up draining the savings trying to fix every problem under the sun. This golf cart bearing is not hard to install. However, you are going to need to jack up the caddie to get it replaced. So have a few stands and a buddy on hand to help. If you have any questions, please call Buggies Unlimited today.


  • 1984 and up Club Car DS gas or electric rear axle or wheel bearing (OEM# 1011291
  • Columbia Harley-Davidson 1996-2000 4-cycle gas rear axle and 1982-1995 2-cycle gas crankcase flywheel side (OEM# 83032-96)
  • EZGO 1976-1979 2-cycle gas crankcase flywheel side and 1994.5 and up 4-cycle gas input shaft clutch side (OEM# 26783-G01)
  • Yamaha 1978-1994 G1/G2/G8/G9 gas rear axle or wheel bearing, 1985-1995 G2/G9 4-cycle gas input shaft, and 1981-1992 G1/G2/G8/G9 electric input shaft (OEM# 93306-20504)
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