Club Car-Columbia-Harley-Davison-Yamaha - 6204RS Ball Bearing

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Ball Bearings on golf carts are what keeps things rolling smooth. They are capable of withstanding all kinds of heat from built-up friction and can withstand very high RPMs. However, there is a tiny thing that can take these out in no time. One grain of sand or dirt can send these bearings into a tailspin of failure. Ball bearings are just as described. They are two-lipped rings that house balls between them. That is the plainest explanation anyone has ever given a caddie bearing. We hope it helps the visual. When debris can get in between the layers, it causes play and makes the unit untrue. Then whatever it mounts to will start to wobble, causing something a lot more expensive to wear out and possibly break.

This golf cart Ball Bearing is used on the front spindle of Club Car's, EZGO's, Columbia's, Harley Davidson's, and Yamaha's depending on the year range. Call Buggies Unlimited and get a few sent to you today.


  • Club Car 2004-up Precedent (front spindle), 2003-up DS.
  • Columbia/HD commutator end, also G&E 1987-up outer front axle.
  • Yamaha G&E G14, G16 & G19, also electric G1 & G2 commutator end.
Universal-Universal Universal - Both
1995-1996 G14 - ELECTRIC, 1996-2002 G16 - ELECTRIC, 1996-2002 G19 - ELECTRIC

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