1988 EZGO Gas - Accelerator Cable

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Having a broken E-Z-GO Accelerator Cable on your caddie is like missing the keys. But, unfortunately, you aren't going anywhere without either. The golf cart accelerator cable is one of two on the cart that works together to make your fuel system function.

This unit runs from the pedal to a mechanism mounted on top of the axle in the rear. We call this the governor. Another cable by the same name runs to the carb and controls how wide you open the butterfly valve. If you break either of these, there will be no fuel flow to the engine. So unless you want a paperweight that can do nothing more than idle, you may want to check on this kind of thing every time you maintain your golf cart. Which, for the record, should be once for every season of the year you use it.

When this golf cart cable starts to wear out, it does so by stretching out. The more it elongates, the less and less throttle response and range you are going to get. What we mean by this, it at first, you are going to lose top end. After that, the full speed mark on your caddie is going to decrease significantly.

The next thing to go is the responsiveness of the throttle. You will feel like you are waiting for a fuse to ignite your rockets before taking off. It will get worse and worse until there is not enough response to move your buggy. Stay ahead of this by replacing the EZGO accelerator cable at the first sign of a problem.

This is not a difficult golf cart part to install. You will need to jack it up and place it on stands of safety and ease of access. Other than that, it is pretty straightforward. Call one of our experts today and see why we have the best customer service in the industry.


  • Accelerator Cable. Measures 34" long
  • Fits Gas 1988 Only E-Z-GO Models
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): 22736-G1
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