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48v Battery Maintainer

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The Forty-Eight Volt Battery Maintainer from Buggies Unlimited is a product you need if you leave your golf cart. We mean that if you are not with your caddie year-round, the batteries could be at risk. That is a pretty significant investment to let go by the wayside. A good set of those bad boys could run you as much as a thousand dollars or better. The last thing you need is all that cash going out the door because of poor charging habits. Throwing money out the window is something we want to try and help you avoid.

This golf cart battery maintainer is for any wet cell battery setup. The only requirement is the overall voltage needed to use it. Also, this is not a charger. You will need to use your standard unit to charge the batteries before plugging this in. If your batteries are dead and you plug this into them, they will still be finished a week later. If you are looking for a low-cost charger, we can help with that too. Please call one of our experts who can show you a few options. We want to make sure the product you buy fits your needs.

The installation of this golf cart part could not be easier. The only two things you need to have experience in to be qualified for this job are simple. If you know how to put a clip on your potato chips to keep them fresh, You are halfway there. Plugging in a lamp takes you the rest of the way to an expert-level installer.

Buggies Unlimited has everything you need. Call us now for all the hard parts and accessories you want to get installed this weekend. We would be happy to set you up with a project to improve your life.


  • Use it with any type wet cell lead acid batteries.
  • Automatic three-stage charger can be left on the batteries indefinitely.
Note: This product is not a charger. It is intended to maintain the level of charge in your batteries only.
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