2007-Up Yamaha G2-Drive - High-Speed Gear Set

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Now, this Yamaha Gas High-Speed Gear Set is not the upgrade for your average joe. This will take some know-how to be able to get through this install. Before you jump into this one, we recommend taking a look at a youtube video or two on the subject and getting a differential service manual for your golf cart. To install these high-speed gears in your golf cart, you will have to jack up the rear end of the golf cart and put the suspension on jack stands. So the support does not restrain the axle. Once that is done, the shocks get disconnected, and the axle gets rolled out from under the golf cart.

This step is not something everyone does, but it beats the heck out of bending over for two hours while you do this. The 8:1 ratio that this gear set converts you to will put your speed way up. On a non lifted golf cart, you are looking at between 20-25 miles per hour. This, of course, depends on the overall condition of the cart. You cant expect this to fix a broken battery. Call Buggies Unlimited and get a high-speed gear set coming your way.


  • High speed gear set
  • 8:1 ratio
  • For Yamaha gas 2007-up G29/Drive
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