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2003-07 Yamaha G22 - Front Control Arm Bushing

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If you take your carriage to that silent retreat, you better get the Yamaha Control Arm Bushing for G22s replaced first. The last thing you want is a zipper on your lip and a megaphone on your squeaky suspension. When something in the front end goes faulty, it can create a symphony that no one wants to hear. In addition, it can cause other items to wear out prematurely. The big-name on this list is your golf cart tires. Anything in the front end that is getting worn causes the same thing to happen to your set of rubber. You just got those new carcasses from us not too long ago. So let's do a couple of things under the hood and protect that fresh investment.

We hope you are ordering at least a hand full of these golf cart bushings. Chances are, there is going to be more than one under there that needs swapping out. Even if you only find the need for a single replacement, having half a dozen on the shelf can pay off. Think about how convenient that would have been this time. Instead, you are inside surfing our website when you could be out on the links. We want you to enjoy the time you spend on your caddie. The best way to do that is to keep a few of the higher wear items on hand at all times.

This golf cart control arm bushing is one of the more manageable parts to install. There is a fair amount of tear down needed to get to it, though. First off, we would recommend getting a Yamaha G22 OEM manual to walk you through the process. Secondly, any time you use a jack and stands, you need to have a buddy there to help to at least spot if something goes wrong. So give us a call at Buggies Unlimited today and get what you need.


  • Lower front control arm bushing
  • Fits Yamaha G&E G22
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): 90381-18001-00
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