1997-Up Club Car DS - Jake's Wheelbase Extension Kit

Buggies Unlimited - item 7260
Buggies Unlimited - item 7260
Buggies Unlimited - item 7260
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If you want bigger tires than the rest, Jake's Club Car Wheelbase Extension Kit at Buggies Unlimited is the way to go. This kit takes a golf cart lift and makes it that much better by allowing a slightly larger tire.

Sure, twenty-two-inch rubbers are great. But, would you like to know what's even better? Twenty threes. Whoever said too much of something was never a good thing must not have been talking about clearance. The higher you can get over road debris, the better. Not to mention if you take this thing off-road, you're going to need aftermarket treads. Hence, operating with a Club Car wheelbase extension system.

A hunter's worse nightmare is having his trip cut short because something got ripped off his caddie. There is nothing like cruising through the woods and getting brought to a screeching halt because a root ripped the golf cart cable clean off. It's always the one you saw ahead of time and thought you could traverse too.

Lifting your golf cart and using a Jake's Club Car Wheelbase Extension Kit is not just for the trail rider. We also encourage everyone to build the golf cart of their dreams no matter what terrain they plan to drive on. As a matter of fact, how many jacked-up trucks do you see on the road? Do you think even half of them see any mud? Absolutely not! Do not let your lifestyle limit your creative output. Furthermore, who are we to judge if you want to make a zombie response vehicle out of your caddie and use it to ferry the elderly to Wednesday night services? You do you.

As always, Jake's makes it easy t install their parts. The Club Car Wheelbase Extension Kit from Buggies Unlimited is no exception. It will come with all the hardware you need and a set of step-by-step instructions right in the box. So give us a call today and let an expert get you set up.


  • This kit allows you to run larger wheels with low-profile tires on your non-lifted cart.
  • Also fits Jake's DS spindle lift kits allowing you to run 12" or 14" wheels with 23" tires.

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