1996-Up EZGO ST350 - Brake Drum

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The EZGO Gas ST350 Brake Drum from Buggies Unlimited is a repair part that we all need at some point or the other. Even if you upgrade to the new model every few years, you will end up working on the brakes at some point. We would rather it be your turning those wrenches than some dealer who is no more qualified and only wants to get in your pocket. This is simple work, and we can set you up for success with an EZGO OEM service manual to walk you through the process.

The golf cart brake drums are one of those ST350 parts that you can feel going bad. It should never get to that point. If you make the brakes a part of your seasonal check-up on the cart, you can avoid rough riding. Let us elaborate when your drums go bad; it's usually due to heat created by friction. Over time this takes a drum and makes it egg-shaped. When this happens, you can feel the high and low spots when applying the brakes. If there is a steady pulsing, let's just say you have made it to the correct page.

Allowing this to worsen can result in a complete braking failure as it puts more wear on the shoes. As a matter of fact, this golf cart brake drum is easy to install. All you need is a jack to raise the rear end of the cart and a set of stands for safety. However, beyond that, a collection of sockets will take you to the finish line. Call Buggies Unlimited today.

Buggies Unlimited has it all. We can set you up with EZGO accessories like lift kits, rims, and tires. We also have the hard parts to keep you on the road and from hitting your friends. So call today for an excellent deal.


  • Large Hole Hub Drum for ST350 (15/8" Lug)
  • Fits Gas (4 Cycle) 1996-Present ST350 EZGO Models
  • Replaces EZGO OEM Number(s): 21807-G2
Note: Break drums are sold individually. 2 are needed per cart.
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