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1995-Up EZGO DCS-PDS - Run and Tow Switch

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Surprise parties are just as frightening as your Run and Tow Switch for EZGO PDS and DCS going bad. This is the primary source of activation power supplied around your cart. Not to mention, this unit provides the initial voltage to the controller, which is like the main brain box of your carriage. If this relay does not pass the juice it needs, then you are dead in the water. It does everything from making the solenoid click to sending the variable negative to the motor. That is the signal that actually makes the caddie run. Your positive is constant, and the battery pack has to offer the total level of voltage. On the other hand, the negative starts at zero, and as you depress the pedal, it increases.

The golf cart tow switch is the first thing in line as far as power is concerned, other than the fuse on the charging receptacle. It has four wires coming out of it that all run right to the controller. The controller then sends a signal all around the coach. This is specific to the PDS. On the older system, known as the DCS, one wire goes to a fuse. Another heads down to the solenoid, while a different one connects to a microswitch. The final wire makes it to the brain. The difference is that the newer system is more intelligent and does not require activation from multiple sources. As these systems get newer, they figure out more efficient ways of using the power, precisely what is happening here.

This golf cart switch could not be easier to install. It has one plug on the PDS. You will need first to make sure the old toggle is in the tow position. Then uninstall it from the cover it's mounted to. Next, take the lid off and unplug it from the EZGO controller. Rinse and repeat in reverse. Seriously though, do not hose off your controller; that is just a turn of phrase. Get with Buggies Unlimited today.


  • Run/Tow Switch
  • Fits EZGO Electric 1995-2013 DCS & PDS Systems / Clays Car/ST Sport 04-11 / MEdalist 94-99 / ST Sport 48v 11-12
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): 73125-G01 / 633114
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