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1993-07 Yamaha G11-G16-G20-G21-G22 - Crankcase Cover Gasket

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Keeping your golf cart breathing correctly is almost as important as drawing air for your consumption. Much like you need oxygen to live, your golf cart needs it at the proper pressure to do its thing. The Yamaha Crankcase Cover Gasket is one of the many players contributing to the overall compression rating. Your entire fuel system depends on this little gasket. The fuel pump alone cannot even draw a drop of fuel from the tank without the crankcase pressure. The last thing you want is an electric system prone to flooding. OEM is the way to go for sure.

The diaphragm internally flexes one way, draws fluid, and pumps it up to the carb with the opposite motion. All of that is done with the pressure generated in the crankcase. It is not much. We are talking one to three pounds needed to pressurize the system. However, if that fails, you will be up "you know who's creek," and you will not have a paddle. You need to keep your eyes open for signs of deterioration all across this system. This golf cart accessory is not the only one that can bring your party to a halt.

This golf cart gasket will work for the Yamaha G11, G16, G20, G21, and G22 models. If you have an OEM manual handy, you can verify that the factory number is the same. That number is JN6-15451-02. Give Buggies Unlimited a call today and have an expert set you up with exactly what you need.


  • Crankcase Cover Gasket
  • Fits Yamaha G11/G16/G20/G21/G22 4-cycle gas models
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): JN6-15451-02
1993-2001 G11 - Gas, 1996-2002 G16 - Gas, 2000-2002 G20 - Gas, 2001-2004 G21 - Gas, 2003-2007 G22 - Gas

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