1991-07 Yamaha 4-Cycle - Rear Wheel Hub

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If there is something that makes a golf cart owner cringe more than a splined connection, we are not sure what it would be. We seem to be forever replacing anything that goes together in this manner, especially parts like the Yamaha Rear Wheel Hub. This female splined hub slides over the male axle. The axle is made of hardened steel, and the hub is a much softer aluminum. As you can imagine, this connection is in jeopardy in high torque situations like climbing hills and pulling heavy loads. All it takes is just a little too much stress, and this hub will strip like it's designed to do that. That's because it is; it's called manufactured obsolescence. The unit is meant to fail to protect the more expensive axle and differential.

This golf cart hub is as easy as eating pie to install. All you need to do is remove the rear wheel and take off the axle nut. Once that is done, you should be able to slide this right off the axle. Give us a call and get a few coming from Buggies Unlimited.


  • Rear Wheel Hub
  • Fits Yamaha 4-Cycle Gas and Electric G8/G9/G14/G16/G19/G20/G21/G22 Models
  • Replaces Yamaha OEM Number(s): JN3-G6514-00
1995-1996 G14 - Both, 1996-2002 G16 - Both, 1996-2002 G19 - Electric, 2000-2002 G20 - Both, 2001-2004 G21 - Gas, 2003-2007 G22 - Both, 1990-1994 G8 - Both, 1991-1995 G9 - Both

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