GTW Vortex Matte Black and Machined Wheel - 12 Inch

Buggies Unlimited - item 19-233
Buggies Unlimited - item 19-233
Buggies Unlimited - item 19-233
Buggies Unlimited - item 19-233
Buggies Unlimited - item 19-233
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The GTW Vortex Matte Machined Wheel from Buggies Unlimited will make you feel like you are pulling in the looks. That is why we named it the way we did. Just like a whirlpool or a black hole that draws everything around it in, these will have the onlookers lined up. There are several reasons to upgrade the aluminum on your cart. The most important of them is to make your neighbors feel inferior. These babies do it with ease. We don't care how much heat they picked up from the local dealer; we don't take any short corners.

The standard rim on your carriage is usually eight inches tall. Big deal, you may be thinking. Well, we can assure you it is, especially when it comes down to increasing the size. As you go up, so does your speed. This sounds like a great thing unless you have a reckless teenager that drives your caddie after school. However, another thing to keep in mind is the reduction in torque this will cause. If you live in a steep hill place, you may want to consider some gears or a high amp controller to compensate for the loss.

The installation of a golf cart tire and wheel assembly is not something you need a pro for. You just need a buddy, a four-way, and a jack. A few stands might not be a bad idea either. However, if you need the tread mounted to the rim, your local shop can handle this for a small fee. But, if you want to do it the effortless way, just order a tire simultaneously from us, and we will mount them for free.

Buggies Unlimited has it all. We will be happy to prove it as well. As a matter of fact, if you do not see it on the website, just give us a call, and we will order it for you.


  • Matte black & machined finish
  • Offset: 3:4 (ET -.25)
  • Industry exclusive mesh-spoke mesh design
  • Strong cast aluminum construction
  • Lug centric design
  • Includes center cap. Lug nuts sold separately
  • Please note: remember to order a complete set of 4
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