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Buggies Unlimited Tinted Vented Golf Cart Windshield

One of the most versatile golf cart windshields, our tinted vented windshields are perfect for all weather conditions and climates.

The tinted vented windshield has a flexible design that allows you to get fresh air while protecting you and your passengers from the elements.

This windshield is made of a high-quality, quarter-inch thick acrylic. Packaged with rubber gaskets, grommets, and bumpers this product offers a snug vibration-free fit and is also shatter and crack resistant. The adjustable vents lock into place help control air flow going into the golf cart. The translucent hinge gives the driver an unobstructed view for maximum protection. These windshields are designed to perfectly integrate with your Red Dot enclosure.

Installation Tips

When you open your box you'll notice that the windshield has a protective film. Before pulling off the protective film test fit your windshield on the struts to make sure you have the correct one. Once you've pulled the protective film off the windshield it is no longer eligible for return. It also has a false bottom that keeps the hardware separate from the windshield.

This windshield is proudly made in the USA.