Club Car Electric Models - Series vs Shunt

Identifying Club Car Series versus Shunt Drive Systems


Lever/Handle style Forward/Reverse

Black Controller (36 volt - 1990-1994)

Silver Controller (48 volt - 1995-present)

Exceptions always occur when identifying controllers. An example scenario can be the silver Series controller. It may have been replaced at one time with a newer version (black). It is best to look on the bottom end of the controller for the manufacturer data to verify.


Rocker Switch style Forward/Reverse

T-Shaped Black Controller - Regen One (1995.5-1997.5)

Gray FSIP Controller - Regen Two (1997.5-2001.5)

Black 16 Pin Controller - iQ (2001.5-up DS, 2004-up Precedent)

Gray 16 Pin Controller - Excel (2008.5-2012.5)

White 16 Pin Controller - i2 (2012-up)