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Built For the Tough Stuff!

Trent's ride features a host of Jake's™ off-road products, including a long travel lift kit, tubular bumper, shifter, and hydraulic disc brakes! The upgrades don't stop there though - the interior includes a sport steering wheel and rear seats!

“The parts work and install easily. Ride comfort is drastically improved along with the stopping power”

- Trent M, IA

Classic Good Looks

Kathleen's golf cart is styled around a classic 'Woody' theme, is fully decked out with burl wood trim, and sports a set of 12" Swagger wheels to complete the look!

“Love the parts and accessories selection! Upgrading the tires really improved the ride quality!”

- Kathleen S, MI

Deep Blue

Bob has added several street-ready parts to his golf cart, including a rear seat, windshield, lights, and new wheels. The bright white seats and wheels really look great against the deep blue paint!

“Nice quality parts and accessories, as advertised. I lower the back seat and use the flat surface a lot to transport things.”

- Bob H, VA

Cleared for Takeoff

Dave has decked his cart out with a full U.S. Navy Blue Angels theme, and it looks stunning! We helped Dave with some new electrical components to keep his cart running in top shape.

“The replacement component was identical to the original part. My Blue Angels golf cart is a tribute to all U.S. Navy Aviators, and especially the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team.”

- Dave J, WI

The Great Outdoors

Mike's golf cart can handle tough terrain, thanks to the GTW lift kit, and 10" Evader wheels with chunky Desert Fox tires.

“I use it at a camping resort - Big Timber Lake in New Jersey”

- Mike P, NY

Taking Aim

Craig has added multiple outdoor sports upgrades to his cart, including clay baskets, a gun rack, flip flop rear seat, a windshield, and polished hub caps to complete the rugged outdoor look. Mike also used our engine rebuild service when it was time for an overhaul.

“Everything fits! It's perfect for getting around Sporting Clay courses in all weather conditions in Michigan!”

- Craig M, MI

Rolling in Style

Larry's ride is perfect for transporting up to four people around the campground in style! The upgrades list is extensive, and includes matching rear seats, loads of diamond plate accents, a lift kit, and some enormous 14" Yellow Jacket wheels with low profile tires!

“All the parts fit like a glove, just like advertised.”

- Larry S, MI

Ready to Roll

This clean E-Z-GO Freedom RXV is owned by Bob J. in Florida, and looks brand new! We carry a wide selection of parts, accessories, and upgrades for this model golf cart.

New Wheels Gave it Swagger!

Robert found the perfect wheels for his ride - White & Red Vampires!

“Bought the wheels and then had them custom painted by a local auto body artist Color Wheels. Thank you Jason! Loved the look of the wheels, I looked at all wheels and picked the wheels from buggies unlimited. They gave it swagger! Thank you.”

- Robert T, OR

Project Planning

Rusty's in the process of fixing up this 2006 Star golf cart, and is currently in the research & planning stage. We look forward to seeing some project updates in the future!

“Working on fixing it up. Will be adding new parts shortly.”

- Rusty P, MO

One Mean Green Machine

Thomas picked out a great set of mirror-finish Storm Trooper wheels for the bright green hot-rod golf cart he's building! Shod with street tires, they match the roadster style really well!

“Great looking wheels!”

- Thomas D, TN

Superb Shine

Tom added a lift kit, and a set of Black & Red Storm Trooper wheels on all-terrain tires which perfectly complement his super-sleek (and incredibly shiny) Black & Red Cart!

“The parts fit right on”

- Tom B, IN


Kerry's uniquely pink golf cart is styled for a great cause. Here, it's all dressed up for Halloween and looking the part!

“Our cart is best friends with the Woody cart. We love all the upgrades they did and can't wait to start working on ours. Our cart was purchased for breast cancer awareness. And part of the proceeds were donated to breast cancer awareness.”

- Kerry S, IN

Custom Chrome!

Dave's custom golf cart received a full suspension overhaul, plus new tires, wheels steering wheel and more! Really nice job, Dave!

“The parts have helped refurbish and built 100% street legal”

- Dave W, WI

Snow Problem!

Glenn doesn't let snow and ice slow him down! His customized snow plow golf cart features a folding windshield offer some extra protection from the elements

“The windshield fits good”

- Glenn B, IA

Turn Up The Heat!

Mark's ride looks stunning in high gloss red with matching details. He's added a lift kit, wheels, new seats, and has some power upgrades planned!

“Getting ready to do the motor”

- Mark J, IN

Two Tone

Roger's golf cart is fully decked out in a black, white and gray theme and really looks the part. We helped Roger out with a cover to protect his ride when it's parked outdoors.

“The parts look great”

- Roger B, SC

Night Rider

Mark's super-clean blacked out ride features stunning red underglow lighting, which we're sure looks incredible at night.

“2008 Club Car with a Phantom body kit”

- Mark S, PA

Dune Buggy

Tony has installed a lift kit and a tinted sport windshield on his outstanding dune-buggy themed ride. Great work Tony!

“I found just what I wanted”

- Tony P, FL

A Tribute to NYPD's Finest

“6 inch Jake's lift w/ 14 inch Vampire wheels. All new carbon fiber dash, steering wheel and diamond plate rubber flooring. Diamond plate shock/ rocker panels along with brand new LED headlight kit as well. 30 amp converter for all the bells & whistles needed for this great cart! Buggies Unlimited NEVER failed me once, GREAT company to work with! Thank you ”

- J.R. P, FL

Glow In The Dark

Mark's ride features some trick lighting details! Nice work, Mark.

“1995 Club Car DS, 5" Jakes lift kit, 22" tires, all LED LIGHTING, LED under glow, 12v USB and accessory outlets, ghost flame graphics, Rhinoliner roof, bumpers and rims. ”

- Mark D, NJ

Off Road Machine

Jose's E-Z-GO is geared up to hit the trails with ease! A lift kit and upgraded wheels & tires give it extra ground clearance, while a full set of guards protect it from scuffs and scrapes.

“It's Hot Hot Hot!”

- Jose A, PR

Stunning Hot Rod

Charlie's cart looks fast even when it's standing still! It's running a 48-volt system with a 550 Amp controller and 11hp motor, plus massive 2 gauge battery cables. Looking good, Charlie!

“I Built it myself. Everything on the cart is either polished stainless steel or billet aluminum. Buggies Unlimited is a great place to buy all your parts from.”

- Charlie B, MO

Red, White, and Blue

Billy's ride is as Texas themed as you can get! Really nice details, Billy.

“36 Volt 2001 Club Car DS, Texas Flag theme on metallic paint, custom upholstery on seats and rear arm rests plus Texas Flag Vinyl top cover. ”

- Billy C, TX

'36 Roadster Truck

This custom truck cart is ready to cruise!

“1936 Roadster Truck on a 2005 48 volt Club Car DS chassis. Chassis was extended 8 inches.”

- Billy C, TX

Super Clean Lines

Skip's cart is decked out in a stunning black, blue and silver theme.

“I've added tires & wheels, a lift kit, and a rear seat”

- Skip E, FL

Two-Tone Jeep

Doug's custom Jeep-bodied cart features a whole host of upgrades, and looks fantastic in the two-tone paint scheme.

“Lots of accessories and parts went into this build!”

- Doug B, AB, CANADA

The Perfect Package

Don built this cart for a friend, and we really like the color matched theme throughout!

“I installed a Jake's lift kit. Rims, tires, dashboard, stereo, backseat kit, steering wheel, and heavy duty springs. I built this for a friend that bought all his parts from Buggies Unlimited. You guys did great making ordering easy and answering all questions. Thanks, now I'm going to start building my own cart.”

- Don L, FL

Clean Ride

This golf cart's new chrome wheels and other upgrades have it looking fresh and clean! Great job, Ric!

“Added wheels, tires and Grant steering wheel. Dealing with Buggies is a pleasure.”

- Ric G, NV

Black Beast

Lee has this cart looking great with chrome wheels, red details and awesome drag wagon!

“Custom built Limo EzGo Pinot Noir Golf cart”

- Lee D, CA

Blue Classic

A great vintage inspired cart used to promote a great cause! The blue & black seats and chrome wheels look great with this overall style!

“As part of the Kiwanis Club we use our golf cart for parades and events around our town.”

- Pau N, IN

Club Car with a Twist

Looking good, Jeff!

“1996 Electric Club Car w/Jakes 6" spindle lift, 22" tires on 8" steel rims next to a stock 1991 Electric Club Car.”

- Jeff L, NY

Vintage Style Black & Red Ride

Red hot interior and awesome details!

“Rebuilt the whole cart. Majority of things are from you guys. Been using you for years, always a great experience. Looking forward to seeing my cart on your site.”

- Jared B, FL

Black, Red, and Chrome! Oh My!

Jim has this cart looking sleek with a black and red theme, shiny chrome wheels and many other awesome upgrades! Thank you so much for your loyal business!

“It's a 2001 EZ GO TXT originally standard EZ GO green. Items from Buggies include tires, wheels, dash cover and various mechanical / maint items. Just ordered a chameleon enclosure. I work on carts for fellow golfers at my club and always try to use Buggies for parts and refer people to you for items. Very seldom a problem but any are quickly resolved.”

- Jim L, GA

Black & Gold. Go Saints!

This cart almost saw the last of it's days, but Ira was there to save the day! He gave this cart a second chance and it's looking better than ever!

“With the help of Buggies Unlimited and some TLC, a 17 yr old Club Car that was on its way to the scrap pile from being abused for hunting purposes was given new life with suspension and front end replacement parts to include rims, caps, and tires. Betsy has a new life thanks to Buggies Unlimited”

- Ira B, MS

Ready to Cheer on the Dawgs!

Rodney has this cart Georgia Bulldog ready!

“New tires and decals and paint. I ordered a horn and starter. Haven't installed yet, but soon.”

- Rodney P, NY

Blue Beauty

Blue and white seats to match the beautiful blue and white paint! Doug also added some shiny new wheels to top off the look! Great job!

“Many time buyer! Lots of parts and accessories from BU!”

- Doug W, AB, CANADA

One Tough Ride

Justin did great with this build! The all black with tan seats looks amazing! This cart was given a lot of TLC!

“My first build. Rather fun and wish it wasn't over. I can't think of what I didn't put on this. All but the rear lift spring upgrade did not line up with the Long Travel kit. Otherwise, Good stuff.”

- Justin H, TX

Candy Apple Red

All of these great upgrades have been combined to make one good looking ride! Awesome job, Gary!

“Installed an arm lift kit, heavy duty springs and custom wheels and tires. Rear flip seat kit. Also installed diamond plate trim and front bumper.”

- Gary W, MI

Lean, Mean, Green Machine!

Edward's cart is on point! So glad we could help you take your ride to the next level!

“This Green Machine is a G2g9 with a 7in double a arm and 23in tires, a burile wood dash cover and candy apple green paint job. Thanks to the great help from Buggies Unlimited”

- Edward M, CT

Upgraded 1998 Yamaha

This Yamaha golf cart is looking great with all the new upgrades! Thanks for the great feedback Robert. We're happy when you're happy!

“Hi, I have a 1998 Yamaha golf cart. We have added light kit, hubcaps, rear seat, new front clutch and rear clutch, AM/FM radio with front and rear speakers, all parts from BUGGIES UNLIMITED!!! PARTS ARE GOOD QUALITY!! AND LOOK AND WORK GREAT!! THANK'S FOR THE QUALITY PARTS AND SERVICE!! THE PIERCES!!”

- Robert P, NY

Allen's One of a Kind

Great job, Allen! You definitely turned this into a unique ride! It looks amazing and we are very happy that we could help you out on this project!

“Added 6 inch lift and tire combo, tinted windshield with all new plastic. Made auction bought cart in to a one of a kind. Thanks Buggies Unlimited for being so helpful.”

- Allen S, IN

Great Looking Ride!

Rudy, your attention to detail is amazing! Great work!

“1972 Cushman Industrial Truck. Fully disassembled and each part cleaned, repaired, customized, painted or replaced yes even all the hardware. EZGO TXT Jake's Plain Wrap Around Brush Gard Molded into the Channel frame down the sides of the cart. Installed a Steel cargo bed with a dump kit, cut front plastic bessel off, inlaid polished diamond plate in the grille, polished diamond plate glove compartment door, redesigned the seats bigger with more cushion and then threw black vinyl with orange color match cord. 2"inch leveling lift. 12" tempest rims with 205 tires. Entire new running system inside it with brand new trojan batteries, Hazard Pearl Orange Paint with color matched charger, custom wheel five to four lug adapters, with disk brake custom VW implant design. Scaled to size Hood Scoop, flame thrower kit out the trademark Cushman port hole in very rear. Even though it's a electric cart. Hey, it reminded me of batman when I seen that hole back there. So give me a brake.”

- Rudy R, LA

Black & Chrome Ride

This cart is looking great, Rick!

“Wheels, steering wheel, windshield, stereo”

- Rick T, MN

Show Me the Trophy!

Chad, this is awesome! You have done an amazing job and totally deserve that trophy!

“I built this cart out of an old Melex, stretched and lifted it, then put a Tomberlin front suspension on it. It has a Mercedes SL body, 1960 Pontiac Taillights, Nissan Leaf Lithium battery pack (58v), Alltrax 500 amp controller, heavy duty F/R switch, LED lights, full trunk, custom upholstery, removeable vinyl covered roof, custom led digital guages, killer stereo with 10" JBL subwoofer, PPI amp, and Polk Audio 4x6's, underbody lights, battery compartment lights, trunk lights, dixie air horn (switchable to regular beep horn when needed), retractable drink holders, SeaDek faux teak floors. Entering my first custom golf cart show this weekend and hope to bring home a trophy so I ordered a set of 23" Street Fox tires with 14" Cragar Street Pro's to dress it up from! Great deal and easy ordering online.”

- Chad H, FL

Red & White Ride

Love the red and white theme! All these upgrades have come together to make one great looking cart! Great job, Roger! We're glad we could resolve that issue for you as well!

“Updated with Medusa wheels, Mamba low profile tires, custom covered seat, am/fm radio, side mirrors, rear view mirror, engine tachometer, dual exhaust, dump bed, street legal. Have had good experience with purchases, except received wheels and tires, 2 were flat. Upon investigation beads on both tires had been broken when tires were mounted. Returned. Received others ok.”

- Roger F, TN

Super Clean Ride

The white with black details and all black wheels looks great! You have an awesome looking cart, Johanna! Thanks for sending in your photo!

“1997 TXT 36V 36mph on GPS”

- Johanna F, FL

1973 Harley Cart

Tom, you did a great job on this one!!

“1973 Harley 3 wheeler. It has been a labor of love, seems the older they get the more attention they need just to keep going. I am a big fan of anything Harley, I ride an Ultra Classic when I want to play with the big kid toys. I primarily use the cart to carry my cooler to the beach which is a 1/2 mile from my house, it is a must have.”

- Tom M, MI

2010 Club Car Precedent

Tony, we love what you did with this cart! The tire & wheel combo looks great!

“2010 Club Car Precedent, high speed motor, black pearl paint, custom 12 inch wheels and tires from Buggies Unlimited. Great place to purchase all your golf cart parts.”

- Tony C, TX

Christopher's Extended Ride

This cart looks great, Christopher! Thanks you for this submission!

“This cart was made by Second Chance Restoration in Erie Pennsylvania . The cart has everything lift, tire, wheel and led lights.”

- Christopher T, PA