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Buggies Unlimited is your source for the most extensive selection of golf cart parts and accessories in the industry. From cargo boxes to flip-flop rear seats to new tires and wheels, we offer all of the items you need to give your golf cart a major upgrade.

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Golf Cart Storage Covers
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Golf Cart Wheels and Tires
Golf Cart Windshields
Professional Golf Cart Engine Rebuild Service

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Buggy enthusiasts are a different breed - they think outside the box. The average person may look at a golf cart and see a way to get from the clubhouse to the tee. A true fanatic, however, sees an ATV, UTV, shuttle, or even a substitute car. The right parts and accessories adapt a golf cart to your specific interests, whether it's golfing, off-roading, hunting, farm work, or even casual neighborhood cruising. Plus, with gas prices steadily climbing, the popularity of golf carts as substitute transportation is growing every day.

And that's just the beginning! Golf carts (or "buggies", as they're often called) are incredibly versatile, economical, and environmentally friendly. But more importantly, they're just fun.