Universal Dual USB Charging Port

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Making sure you can stay in touch with the outside world is a very critical thing. That's why we carry products like the Dual USB Assembly Universal Fit. We use our golf carts for a variety of different things these days. Some use them for hunting; others like to get out in nature. We have had customers tell us that they are a lifeline on the job site. Whatever you choose to use it for, chances are, you will be by yourself. If you go into an isolated place, you need to have a way to get in touch with someone if you need help.

We have products like the golf cart dual USB that get added to entire fleets for peace of mind. There is no better tool to get ahold of someone than your phone, and we can help you keep it charged while you are on your caddie. Call Buggies Unlimited and get yours ordered today. We may even be able to cut you a deal.


  • Quick Nut and USB Water Resistant Cap Smart Charger
  • (Input 12VDC Output 5V/2.1 Amp)
  • (Device Output 2.1 amp when using one port or Shared when using both ports)

Tech Tip:

  • All electrical accessories such as Headlight & Taillight kits, fans, & Audio equipment operate on a 12 volt input
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter
  • Voltage converters will take the entire 36/48-volt battery pack and drop the voltage down to the operational 12 volts
  • Only wiring a couple of batteries out of the battery pack to achieve that 12 volts will result in damage to those batteries and shortening the life of the pack
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter:
    • For Single Accessory: 13-084 (*sold separately)
    • For Multiple Accessory: 13-030 / 13-034 (*sold separately)
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